Putin touts Russia’s nuclear capabilities

Russian leader Vladimir Putin has stressed the importance of nuclear capabilities, while accusing the West of carrying out a “hybrid war” against Moscow.

The role of the nuclear triad has grown significantly, Putin said during a meeting of the board of the Russia’s defense ministry, according to a Google-translated Telegram update from state news agency Tass.

A nuclear triad refers to three-pronged military structure that combines land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-launched projectiles and strategic bombers. Only five countries possess a nuclear triad.

Russia has upgraded the level of modern technology in its strategic nuclear forces to 95%, Putin added.

While praising his country’s military capabilities, Putin nevertheless said that Russian forces must also increase the number of their drones and satellites and improve their air defense, acknowledging that Moscow’s troops have experienced challenges in combat against small drones.

He went on to accuse that Western forces pledged not to expand the NATO coalition eastward but “lie shamelessly, at every step” and wage a “hybrid” war against Russia.

— Ruxandra Iordache

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